Today’s idiom: “To put your foot in your mouth”

18 Sep

One of the oldest and best-known English expressions, it means: to say something stupid or embarrassing. In most cases,  you embarrass both yourself and other people.

Usually the expression is shortened to “to put your foot in it”. It is not necessary to say “mouth”, because every English speaker knows that we’re talking about the mouth.

In the picture you can see some prominent people who are famous for often “putting their foot in it”.

put your foot in your mouth


2 Responses to “Today’s idiom: “To put your foot in your mouth””

  1. Avu Lushik September 19, 2013 at 13:26 #

    😀 I don’t know the Russian expression like this :))) very funny 🙂 It needs to be shared with Russian language 😉
    Thanks 🙂


  1. Today’s idiom: “to save face” | Hägar Language School - September 25, 2013

    […] few days ago we talked about “putting your foot in your mouth” – saying something embarrassing. If you have just done that, you quickly want to say something […]

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