Today’s idiom: “Don’t push your luck!”

30 Nov

If someone says to you, “don’t push your luck!”, it is either advice or a warning.

“To push your luck” means to take a risk, assuming that you will continue to be lucky or successful. For example:

1) Advice: A gambler has been lucky in the casino, winning on the roulette table. His friend advises him, “you should stop now, don’t push your luck.” But the gambler will probably ignore the advice, and “push his luck” and carry on playing.

2) Warning: Two friends, John and Peter, are talking. John has been teasing Peter with some small insults, but now the insults are getting a bit worse. Peter is getting a bit upset and says, “hey, don’t push your luck!” or “hey, don’t push it!” In other words, he is saying “Up to now it’s been funny, or not very bad. But if you carry on like this, I will get really upset.”

Notice that a short version of the expression, “don’t push it!”, is often used when the tone is quite aggressive.

dont push your luck


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