Test your knowledge of English idioms:

7 Feb

Do you know these expressions?

(If you need a hint, you can look at our idiom picture album here)

1. Smoking is bad for you. You should ____ this habit.

a) forget / b) break / c) fix / d) delete

2. The situation has changed a lot – wake up and ____!

a) make your bed / b) make breakfast / c) smell the coffee / d) smell the roses

3. I’m so proud of my daughter! She’s the ____ of my eye.

a) peach / b) apple / c) cherry / d) plum



One Response to “Test your knowledge of English idioms:”

  1. avulushik February 7, 2014 at 15:52 #

    break a habbit… smell the coffee….. apple of one’s eye 🙂

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