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Today’s expression: “so hungry I could eat a horse”

28 Aug

When you’re really, really hungry, the most common way to express it is by saying “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”.

If you know a similar expression in another language, which animal is used there?

so hungry I could eat a horse


Today’s idiom: “Walking on eggshells”

2 May

We all know how easily eggshells can break. Is there someone in your life who gets upset or offended easily? “Walking on eggshells” means to act and speak very carefully, to avoid offending someone.

walking on eggshells

Today’s expressions: “not lose sleep over something”

12 Feb

When you worry about something, you probably can’t sleep well. And when you don’t have any worries, you probably sleep very well. So the expression “I won’t lose sleep over it” means quite simply that I’m not going to worry about a situation, or that I really don’t care.

For example:

“I failed my driving test, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it”.

not lose sleep over it

not lose sleep over it

Today’s idiom: “Pull your socks up”

8 Feb

Have you ever been told to “pull your socks up”? This can be quite a confusing instruction, especially if you are barefoot at the time.

Perhaps the boy in the picture should read this explanation and “hit the books”. If he does that, the exam will be “a piece of cake” and he will look like a “smart cookie”.

pull your socks up

Today’s idiom: “Over the hill”

17 Jan

There are many ways to say that someone is old. “Over the hill” is one way to express it, but it means a little bit more than just “old”. It means that you are “too old” for something. For example:

John: “Why did you lose your job as fire fighter?”

Peter: “They said I was over the hill, that I couldn’t climb up a ladder any more. But I’m only 79!”


over the hill

Today’s idiom: “Smart cookie”

9 Aug

Are you a smart cookie?

A “smart cookie” is someone who is quite clever. However, it can also be used in a sarcastic way, for example “Well, aren’t you a smart cookie?”, said in a sarcastic tone when someone says something really obvious.

Now we know that you are a smart cookie. The only question that remains is “How tasty are you?”

smart cookie

Today’s idiom: “Spill the beans”

5 Jul

Do you have a secret that even your closest friends don’t know? Perhaps it is time to “spill the beans”.

“To spill the beans” simply means to tell someone about secret information. It is similar to another expression that we had a while ago, “to let the cat out of the bag”.

spill the beans

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